Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 2 of the Resistance

Day 2 of the Resistance was kind of underwhelming.  My usual rage was hijacked by the flexeril I'm taking for a spasming back.

I have continued, however, to post pictures and stories of newly emboldened misogynists and racists on my Facebook feed.  I want every person who voted to Trump, Stein, or Johnson to know exactly what they've done. That even if that man said those things to get attention, people took him seriously. That this is what third-party voters' special snowflake principles helped to bring about.

Swastikas are popular, as is groping. An entire kindergarten chanted, "Build that wall!" Homophobic graffiti abounds. African-Americans have been threatened at gunpoint. Jesus Christ, there have been suicides, both of transgender people and people who have lost hope regarding their health care and figured they might as well end their lives sooner than later.

DO YOU GET IT, YET? Lives have been utterly destroyed, and he hasn't even been sworn into office yet! I hope that claustrophobic, privileged little  life you voted to preserve suffocates you, because it hasn't been worth this.

Hey, look at that. The flexeril wore off.

I'll talk to y'all again tomorrow.

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